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The most fun and interactive reality TV

Have you ever caught someone in a lie on a reality show and wished you could tell another contestant? Have you wanted to help someone win one of the competitions? Have you ever wanted have a direct vote kicking someone "off" a reality show? 


Power Play offers its top tier NFT holders a chance to establish the overall theme, location and contestants of a reality TV show along with the ability to watch and interact during the production. EWP will facilitate a 24 hour, two weeklong, viewable on camera production with controlled interactive ways to affect who wins. This will culminate in an episodic reality show you have a hand in shaping! These contestants will live with each other for a month and compete for $10,000 (amount subject to change) in several voted-on competitions in a theme picked by our top tier NFT holders.  Will you help them win, or will you sabotage someone? Find out on Power Play!

Birth of Venus


Top tier NFT holders will get a few simple online questionnaires dictating the guidelines of the show.


Beach in Florida; Cabin in the Rocky Mountains; Barn in Manhattan, Kansas; 3 br. apt in Jersey City, NJ


Rank 50 options supplied by EWP casting, 1-20. The highest average wins along with EWP consideration.


Dating and Romance, Dungeons and Dragons, Cowboys and City Slickers, Survival...etc.


Competitions, point system, voting out, immunities, NFT holder interaction methods.

Team Portrait

The contestants will live, eat and sleep at the
location for a month competing in multiple
competitions and trying to please their NFT
overlords. The GRAND PRIZE is for the two final
winners standing. They have 3 choices.


  • Split it - both get 1/2 the prize money

  • If only one wants it all - The other wins it all

  • If they both want it all - SUDDEN DEATH

What happens after?

Power Play will be edited into an episodic experience offering the top tier NFT holders producer privileges and access to profits.

The top tier NFT holders and EWP will then vote on their distribution of “Power Play” and further NFT mints.

Post Production Video Editing
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