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New York City

About Us

East Wave Productions LLC (EWP) is a next-generation media finance company engaged in developing investment funds for motion picture productions with a focus on professionally producing unique and entertaining low budget, micro budget motion pictures and documentaries. 

Our Priority


East Wave Productions prioritizes investments into specific genres of motion pictures that continue to experience burgeoning growth and consumer demand. Created for the specific purpose of aggregation of capital for investment in the filmed entertainment, East Wave provides investment plans, risk analysis and management, and overall project capitalization. Our team will facilitate a projects overall lifecycle from investment to distribution for the independent filmmaker looking to create a creative and commercial success.

Produced Films

Photo Credit - Matt Brooks & Ryan Range


Julia Hinson - Kristin Jordan

Ash, a young non binary artist, grieves the loss of their mother while they clean out their childhood home. Sorting through the objects that defined their life sends Ash into memories of their mother, Cheryl. Reliving these memories reminds Ash of what their mother wanted for them - a life in which they can really shine and pursue their art. Ash explores they many, nuanced layers of grief, the relationships that define us, and the freedom we can find from letting go.

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