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East Wave Productions LLC's expertise in the creative process, planning, marketing, finance, production and outreach enables EWP to execute at a high level. Along with significant industry relationship capital EWP uses its expansive and highly skilled network to hire the artists needed to fill out the production team around project leads.

"From concept to finance to distribution East Wave Productions will provide a comprehensive plan to make your idea a reality." 

East Wave Productions - Filmmaker Incubator 


East wave productions brings its wealth of talents and experience to small and micro budget films, and documentaries providing support to new and experienced artists alike. We are a full service house that can take creators from day one of concept to the films premiere and beyond. We have used crowd funding and private investment in the past but EWP believes that NFT's are the new format to use when setting up a platform for creators to present their work and interact with investors. This medium allows for a multi-tiered, multi-faceted and multi-media format for the investor to interact with their content.

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