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East Wave Productions is your one-stop solution for qualified Indie Films.

East Wave Productions - Executive Producer Memberships 


EWP- Haa - EPM


(Lazy Mint)

EWP- DigiGurl - EPM


(Lazy Mint)


70 ETH

Online purchase coming soon

45 ETH

Online purchase coming soon

EWP- Downhill - EPM


(Lazy Mint)


1,750 ETH

Online purchase coming soon

East Wave Productions - Investor Network 

As an eligible member of the East Wave Private Investor Network you receive access to qualified and vetted low and micro budget Independent Motion Picture projects. 

As an active East Wave Investor you will have the opportunity to participate in all the exciting events surrounding the motion pictures and their releases

Enjoy all the same perks and more with EWP - NFT

Qualified motion pictures include:

  • Top tier content in appropriate budget ranges & genres

  • Multitude of worldwide revenue streams; Domestic & Foreign limited theatrical release, video on demand, television, par cable, redbox, Netflix, sod, dvd, merchandising

East Wave Investor Perks:

  • Invites to pre-releases special screenings, worldwide premieres and after parties​

  • Invites to film set and possible role as an extra

  • Invite to meet the cast and crew

  • Movie Memorabilia

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How to Join:
- Purchase an NFT
- Tell us your favorite movie
- Fill out contact information


Fill out this inquiry form and a member of our team will be happy to get in touch.
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