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Tiffany, a.k.a "DigiGurl" is trying to "get by" and take care of her mother when an opportunity to make more money sexualizing her gamer stream goes wrong. 

Professional Gamer
DG A.jpeg

''DigiGurl'' at night, streaming games and taking names, ''Tiffany'' during her day job as a bartender; is a badass digital artist and gamer struggling to support herself and her mother. Streaming during her off hours to make some extra money, Tiffany is constantly getting ''the short end of the stick''. Her boss always
seems to be against her, she's always getting stiffed by customers and her mother’s medicine is always going up in price. Tiffany tries to keep smiling regardless of how forced it is. Tiffany learns that her friend is making a lot of money from streaming herself
painting online, the only thing is she is painting naked. This gives Tiffany an idea which leads her to making a ''sexier'' stream when she games. The “sexier” streaming brings Tiffany fortune and gives her some much needed relief and peace of mind, but most importantly the ability to help her mother.  This ''peace of
mind'' is short lived when a new medical bill for mom comes up and forces Tiffany to make some even harder choices. Her friend who introduced her to ''sexier streaming'' reminds her ''You never meet anyone IRL (in real life)''. Tiffany tests this rule when one of her subscribers offers her a large sum of money to meet at his hotel.  What happens when she goes?


DigiGurl is a comedic thriller that follows a "gamer girl" as she navigates a heavy male community leveraging her natural situation, her body, to make some money off them, a lot of money. This sex positive experience gets dragged into dark and dangerous depth when the reality of an online predator comes for DigiGurl aka Tiffany. 

DigiGurl Production

DigiGurl will be shot in Los Angeles, CA by East Wave Productions.  Production will last 3 months with 4 months for post production. DigiGurl NFT baskets will be constructed from the DigiGurl art and production as well as EWP content. DigiGurl will commence its festival run and then once the final "top Tier" NFTs are sold, EWP and the 'top tier NFT holders will vote on distribution of DigiGurl and further Minting of DigiGurl NFTs. 

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