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A Place Where the Sun Sets

An ambitious young journalist, Beatrice, travels to Chadron, Nebraska, to interview a man who claims to be the oldest living person in the United States. Her attempt to gather information mutates into a sinister nightmare as she gradually realizes that the elderly man’s house plays a role in his extremely advanced age—and as the house and its resident collude to threaten Beatrice’s future.

Sam Bench

Sam Bench is a writer/director/editor from Omaha, Nebraska, who is going on five years as the co-founder and lead-post production associate of Empty Space Studios. This thriving mid-west videography production company specializes in both wedding and commercial work. Sam's screenwriting passion formed after studying under one of the Midwest's finest screenwriters Matt Caswell, a prosperous apprentice of Lew Hunter. Sam’s storytelling capabilities earned him a well-known creative in Omaha's film scene. He’s won several awards across the United States for his writing and directing, including multiple awards from Los Angles film festivals and some of the country's most prestigious screenwriting competitions. Sam continues to break strides as an independent filmmaker, proving that dreams can come true with hard work and determination.

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Philip Tilden

Philip Tilden is a writer/director who spent the first few years of his life in Fremont, Nebraska and moved to Omaha, Nebraska, at five. From there, he attended Holy Name middle school, where he would recruit friends to make short parodies of well-known movies. He then attended Creighton Preparatory School, meeting the other two-thirds of his filmmaking team, Sam and Seth Bench. After uniting with them over their shared vision and love for film, his real journey began. Following the local praise for the short films they were creating, the trios’ eyes moved on to loftier goals. Philip and the brothers set out to write a feature-length screenplay with the hopes of getting it made. This particular script didn’t come to fruition, but the experience gained was invaluable and set the stage for what would come next. A realignment and focus on a small, unique story led them to create “A Place Where the Sun Sets,” which is now in the early stages of development.

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Seth Bench

Seth Bench is an award-winning writer/director/producer from Omaha, Nebraska. He co-founded Empty Space Studios, one of Nebraska’s premier photo & video production companies. Along with his partners, Sam Bench and Philip Tilden, Seth has written/directed/produced award-winning short films that have premiered in film festivals nationwide. After creating a short film club and teaching summer film classes at his high school, Seth and his team were among the first high school students to have a short film featured at the Omaha Film Festival. After being mentored by reputable Nebraska filmmakers, Seth, Sam, and Phil wrote their first award-winning screenplay, “A Place Where The Sun Sets.”

Thomas Slivinski

Thomas Slivinski is an accomplished film and television production professional, renowned as the Owner and Founder of East Wave Productions (EWP). With a career that spans over 200 plays, films, and shows, Thomas's journey began in New Jersey before finishing his Masters at California Institute of the Arts in 2016 and establishing EWP in 2019. His sole objective is to create exceptional, top-tier content for distribution under his own LLC. Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Thomas's leadership drives EWP's success with meticulous attention to detail, an innate storytelling ability, and artistic agency. A consummate creative entrepreneur, Thomas bridges the gap between artistic vision and commercial viability, consistently pushing boundaries and delivering unforgettable narratives. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence, Thomas Slivinski is leaving an indelible mark on the film and television production landscape.

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